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RS™ Slot Filter

Self-cleaning filter for raw water and process water treatment

  • Automatic clean and drain

  • Robust construction for high pressure
  • Easy maintenance

Self-cleaning Slot Filter

Swedish Quality Filter manufactured in Hovmantorp, Sweden

Model RS™ is an automatic self-cleaning filter for raw water pressure treatment. A slot filter with conical discharge. The filter is designed to purify lake and river water as well as process water. Typical applications are treatment of cooling water and sealing water in industry and hydroelectric power plants.

  • No flush pump required

  • Larger objects can also be flushed

The bottom valve of the filter can be equipped with an electric or pneumatic actuator. The automatic system requires 400V, 50Hz, 3-phase. When the bottom valve with pneumatic actuator is used, 5.5 to 6 bar compressed air is also required. The automatic cabinet is equipped with a main switch, automatic fuses for the filter motor and control voltage, and operating and fault lamps. Fault indicators are also provided on an additional terminal board in the form of 230V signals for external fault signal lamps and summation alarms with potential-free breaking contacts. The cabinet is designed for wall mounting.



Stainless Steel EN1.4301 / EN1.4404 / EN1.4436


The liquid to be purified enters through the tangentially positioned inlet in the side of the container and continues in a downward movement around the filter element, in through its side and on to the outlet. Lighter contaminants are collected on the outside of the strainer while heavier particles are collected at the bottom of the container. Cleaning and emptying of contaminants is automatic via time and differential pressure monitoring. When cleaning is started, the self-cleaning filter motor starts and drives the strainer bar around a fixed scraper.

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