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Filterteknik Filter Manufacturer Sweden

Swedish Quality Filters since 1981

We strive to make maintenance-free filter constructions with a minimum lifespan of 15 years. Due to thoughtfully selected materials, our filters require minimal spare parts. This makes our products both a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly choice. Robust filters and strainers made by a filter manufacturer in Sweden, Hovmantorp.

Filterteknik Sverige, ägare Tobias Albinsson.
– We manufacture reliable stainless steel water filters with minimal need for spare parts. Think long-term, it will pay off.
/ Tobias Albinsson, CEO
  • 2022

    Filterteknik B.W acquire agents in North and South America, as well as Africa.

  • 2019

    In April, Filterteknik B.W is fully acquired by S.P.A Produkter who has been the manufacturer of the company’s filters since the early 1990s. Everything is now under the same roof in Hovmantorp, Sweden.

  • 2016

    Filterteknik B.W’s product BSW™ Gravity Strainer is acquired by S.P.A Produkter. Our production volume of filter products for the pulp and paper industry, hydropower plants and other water-consuming industries continues to grow.

  • 2013
    Production invests in water cutting machines that streamlines manufacturing and helps improve our products further.
  • 2004

    Further improvements on the BSW™ Gravity Strainer are made. New design and developments to streamline the purification process for the paper industries.

  • 1991

    The founder of Filterteknik B.W, Björn Wicksell, starts a partnership with S.P.A Produkter. These Stainless Steel Filters will become the cornerstone of today’s filter production in Hovmantorp, Sweden. 

  • 1983

    Filterteknik B.W AB makes its first Automatic Filter sale to the hydropower industry.

  • 1981

    S.P.A Produkter, which will later become the manufacturers of Filterteknik B.W’s products, establishes its operations as a contract filter manufacturer and subcontractor. Mainly to companies in the paper and pulp industry. Welding, edge pressing, machining and laser cutting form the backbone of the business.

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