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H-100™ Slot Filter

Slot Filter designed for smaller water flows

  • Manual Backwashing

  • Robust Construction
  • Elaborate Documentation

Slot Filter with Manual Backwash

Swedish Quality Filter manufactured in Hovmantorp, Sweden

H-100™ Slot Filter is designed for smaller water flows of about 10 to 150 l/min. The filter is available in two sizes, with either ¾” or 1″ connection. The stainless steel strainer insert is available in gap widths from 0.025 to 1.5 mm. Contaminants trapped on the outside of the strainer bar are flushed to the drain when the bottom valve is opened against atmospheric pressure. In some cases, depending on water quality, gap width and operating pressure, flushing water must be added. The bottom outlet is fitted with a ball valve as standard. Option to install an automatic bottom valve.

  • Two sizes

  • Automatic bottom valve option available



Stainless Steel EN1.4404

Working Pressure

10 bar

Slot With

0.025 – 1.5 mm

Water Flow

10 – 150 l/min


¾” / 1″


The water is led through the inlet spout into the strainer, out through the side of the cage and on to the outlet. The contaminants are retained in the collection pockets of the screen cage. When flushing, the filter motor is started and the flushing valve opens with the atmospheric pressure. During the flushing process, filtered water flows back through the screen at high velocity, flushing collected contaminants into the drain. Only a small portion of the filter surface is flushed per unit time as the flushing nozzle slowly sweeps over the collection pockets of the screen cage. This contributes to efficient flushing with low flushing loss without pressure surges and vibrations. The filter motor is in operation only during the time that the flushing is taking place.

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