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HS™ Slot Filter

Purifies raw water by removing solids and separating fibres

  • Self-cleaning
  • Reduces and separates fibres
  • Removing solids

Self-cleaning Raw Water Pressure Filter

Swedish Quality Filter manufactured in Hovmantorp, Sweden

The self-celaning HS™ Slot Filter is used for the purification of industrial raw water intakes as well as hot and cold process water. The pressure filter removes solid particles, reduce fibre content and separate long fibres, filter hairs and fibre knots.

  • No moving parts
  • Withstands a high differential pressure
  • Large filter area
  • Low pressure drop

The control panel is equipped with a main switch, the necessary indicator lights, switches for manual backwash and a terminal for potential-free alarm circuits. The cabinet is designed for the control of four or five valves, which allows different system solutions. The automatic system requires 230V, 50Hz, 1-phase and compressed air 5-6 bar. 



Stainless Steel SS2333 / SS2343

Design Pressure



Contaminants are captured on the outside of the filter element and effectively backwashed into the drain. The filter is backwashed using compressed air which flushes filtered water at high speed from the top of the container, through the filter element and on to the drain. Backwashing is automatic when the pressure drop across the filter increases. Flushing cycle approx. 10 sec. In some cases the pressure filter can be backwashed with clean water. 

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