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Automatic Backwashing Filter

Self-cleaning Raw Water Filters

  • Withstands high pressure drops
  • Maintenance work can be carried out during operation
  • No flush pump required
  • No moving parts
  • Easy to clean

Automatic backwashing filter operating under pressure. These self-cleaning water filters are intended for raw water as well as hot and cold process water treatment. Typical applications are filtration of sealing water, cooling water and spray water in all water-consuming industries and hydroelectric power plants. The strainers are of the slotted strainer type with conical drop, made of stainless steel. They can withstand high pressure drops and are easy to clean. Maintenance work can be carried out during operation. An existing plant can be supplemented with additional filter containers.

In the paper and pulp industry, this pressure backwashing filter is often installed as a “police filter” after the disc filters and flotation plants to ensure the paper machine’s water supply spray systems.


Capacity Range

Model 2TF: 2 – 300 m³/h
Model TM: 100 – 900 m³/h

Filter fineness/Slot width

Model 2TF: 0.025 – 0.3 mm
Model TM: 0.1 – 0.8 mm

Connectivity Dimensions

Model 2TF: DN25 – DN250


Stainless Steel EN1.4301 / EN1.4404 / EN1.4436


The pollutants that collect on the outside of the screen are effectively backwashed into the drain. The backwashing filter uses compressed air that flushes filtered water at high speed from the top of the container, through the strainers and out to the drain. Backwashing is automatic when the pressure drop across the filter increases and after a set time. The cabinet is available in two versions, PLC or based on relay switches. The cabinet is equipped with a switch for selecting the appropriate mode of operation, which means that the pressure filter can be operated with alternate filtration with one filter tower in operation and one in stand-by position or with both filter towers in operation mode.

Model 2TF
  • Capacity Range approx. 2 – 300 m³/h

  • Available in six sizes

Model TM
  • Capacity Range approx. 100 – 900 m³/h

  • Available in nine sizes

Model TM

  • Capacity Range approx. 100 – 900 m³/h

  • Available in nine sizes

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