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RT™ Drum Screen

Raw Water and Process Water Treatment

  • Self-cleaning

  • Operates pressure-free

Self-cleaning Drum Screen for Raw Water Treatment

Swedish Quality Filter manufactured in Hovmantorp, Sweden

The RT-1500 Drum Screen is ideal for the treatment of raw water intended for process and cooling plants in all water-consuming industries. The RT™ is supplied fully assembled in a container fitted with an equipment cabinet and a level switch for starting/stopping the strainer drum and flush pump as well as for a high water level alarm.

  • One size
  • Can be run continuously or intermittently
  • High water level alarm


Capacity Range

50 – 360 m3/h

Filter Fineness

0.04 – 1 mm

Connection Dimension

DN150 – DN250


Stainless Steel EN1.4301 / EN1.4404 / EN1.4436


0.25 – 0.37 kW depending on drum size


The water is led in through the open end of the drum and out through the cloth-covered side of the drum. Larger pollutants are trapped in baskets mounted inside the screen chamber while smaller particles are trapped and retained on the screen deck. Collected contaminants are effectively flushed from the screen surface as the slowly rotating screen drum passes under the flushing tube. The flushing water and contaminants are flushed into the drain pipe which opens outside the drum’s container.

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