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LDL™ Automatic Backwash Filter

Raw Water Treatment

  • Reliable

  • Robust Construction and Easy Inspection
  • Elaborate Documentation

Automatic Self-cleaning Basket Filter

Swedish Quality Filter manufactured in Hovmantorp, Sweden

This automatic backwash filter is designed to remove solid contaminants in pipeline systems. Typical applications are the treatment of lake and river water intended for process and cooling water facilities in industry, power plants and waterworks. The automatic filter is often used for the treatment of paper mill raw water intakes, cooling water in iron and steel mills, and cooling and sealing water in hydroelectric power plants.

  • Large open filter area ensures safe operation and low pressure drop

  • Flush pump not required
  • Larger objects are also effectively flushed down the drain
  • Efficient coil function as only a small part of the screen surface is backwashed per time unit
  • The coil arm is the only moving part, which is driven by an electric motor during flushing
  • Easy inspection and service – all in one lift, no parts left in the container
  • Easy and inexpensive screen replacement


Construction Pressure

6, 10 and 16 bar

Pipeline Pressure

0.7 – 1.5 bar


Stainless Steel EN1.4301 / EN1.4404


Water is led through the inlet spout into the strainer, out through the side of the cage and on to the outlet. The contaminants are retained in the collection pockets of the screen cage. When flushing, the filter motor is started and the flushing valve is opened by atmospheric pressure. During the flushing process, filtered water flows back through the screen at high velocity whilst flushing collected contaminants into the drain. Only a small portion of the automatic backwash filter surface is flushed per unit time as the flushing nozzle slowly sweeps the screen’s collection pockets. This ensures efficient flushing without pressure surges and vibrations. The filter motor is only operating whilst flushing is taking place.

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