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Vibratory Separator

Wastewater and Raw Water Wet Screening

  • Separate particles into 2-5 different sizes/fractions

  • 1-4 different screen mesh opening sizes
  • Dry and wet screening

Sifter / Vibrating Sieve

Wet and Dry Screening

The vibratory separator is widely used in the paper, food and chemical industries. The sifter enables powders and granules to separate particles from two up to five different sizes/fractions. The most typical application is to use a vibratory separator for various types of wet screening. Wet sieving can be used, for example wastewater, raw water or process water cleaning, when solid/organic material is sieved out of the liquid.

The Vibratory separator removes large particles that normally sand, which can cause paper quality issues. In addition, the vibrating screens are used as police filters in the recycle system.


Mesh Opening Sizes

0.25 – 20 mm


The vibration separator is equipped with one to four different sizes layers of mesh. The largest particles/fraction are removed from the separator from the upper screen and the finest particles from the lowest screen at the bottom. Mesh opening sizes can be 0.25-20.0 mm.

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