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Imamix™ Static Mixer

Raw Water Treatment

  • Reliable and CE-marked

  • Robust Construction and Easy Inspection
  • Elaborate Documentation

Inline Static Mixer

Inline Mixer

The Imamix™ Inline Mixer is used to homogenize and mix chemicals in continuous process flows. Typically used in water treatment of the paper and pulp industry, chemical industry and food industry.

  • Foliation and concentration control of mass flows
  • Mixing of flocculants

  • Polymer and starch dilution
  • pH Check

The standard model has six mixing elements, which will be sufficient for most purposes. A mixer with six elements normally has a pressure drop of about 0.1-1.3 bar. Double jacketed model version for heating and cooling is available as well as a hygienic version with removable mixing elements.

The mixer can be installed in both horizontal and vertical pipelines.



Type A | Type B

Construction Pressure

2.5 – 25 kg/cm³

Materials Mixer A

Fibreglass FRP, vinyl ester / bisphenol

Materials Mixer B

Stainless Steel SS2333 and SS2343, carbon steel, PVC, Teflon, PVDF and FEP

Material of Flanges

Galvanised steel, Silumin or plastic

Flange Type



10 kg/cm³


A static mixer consists of a tube with fixed mixing elements on the inside. So there are no moving parts to clutter it up. When the mixer is installed in a system, the desired product is introduced before the mixer and the mixing elements create a turbulent flow that mixes the different liquids. This results in a mixed product at the mixer’s outlet.

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